Franchia's Tea

We at Franchia are committed to bringing you the finest teas from various tea plantations in Asia. Our teas are carefully selected from tea plantations where the terrain and temperature conditions are the most optimum for producing the highest quality teas.

To discover the true essence of tea, we begin by offering you the finest Wild Green Tea from Korea. Our Korean Wild Green Tea comes from the rocky slopes of Mt. Jilee and is 100% natural. Because it's not cultivated, the root of our Wild Green Tea draws richer nutrients and minerals from almost 60 feet deep. The region's colder climate (even in summer) and drastic temperature difference between day and night produces tea leaves stronger in "chi" or "energy." Moreover, what differentiates Franchia Wild Green Tea from other green teas is our completely natural production process from growing in the wild to being harvested by hand to our unique processing method.

oolong tea
It's hand picked twice a day and each pick is put into an iron pot to be roasted for approximately two and a half to three minutes.
green tea
The roasted tea leaves are then placed on a woven mat and massaged by hand for about three to four minutes.
black tea
The roasted tea leaves are then spread out evenly across a screen and left inside to dry (exposure to sunlight can destroy essential nutrients and minerals). The process of massaging the roasted tea leaves and placing them on a screen to dry is repeated three times for a total drying time of 12 hours.
black tea
The dry tea leaves are then roasted again in an iron pot.
black tea
The roasted tea leaves are then placed inside a clay room and left overnight.
black tea
In the morning, the tea leaves are roasted in a steel pot over low temperature for about three to four hours. This will slowly bring out the nutrients from the leaf. (High temperature over a strong fire could burn off vital nutrients and minerals.)

The entire process, from picking the tea leaves by hand to packaging ready is completed within 24 hours.