Korean Tea Ceremony

To prepare tea in the traditional Korean method, we use a teaset (dagi) that consists of the following:

How to make tea

1. Teacups (chat chans)
Three to five.

2. Teapot (chuchonja)
Used to make green tea, but not served from.

3. Lipped small bowl (sookwu)
Used to cool down hot water and for serving tea.

4. Large bowl (twaesugi)
To discard water used for warming pot and cups.

5. Wooden coasters (chat chan batchim)

6. Bamboo scoop (cha si)

7. Small tea towel (chat sukon)
Placed behind large bowl and used to wipe any spilled or excess water around area.

8. Tea mat (dapo)
Placed under teaset.

It is important to store tea in an airtight container. A copper container is recommended because it prevents oxidation, thereby preserving the taste and fragrance of the tea.

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