1. Keep surrounding area neat and clean at all times.
  2. Prepare a calm and peaceful mind and spirit.
  3. Silence is essential.
  4. Slowly burn a lightly scented incense to create a peaceful atmosphere.
  1. Place the tea container, coasters and bamboo scoop on a wooden mat and leave on the floor beside you (items that do not touch water).
  2. Pour 3/4 of a pot of hot water into teapot to warm the pot.
  3. Pour same hot water from teapot into each teacup that you are serving to warm the cups.
  4. Pour separate hot water into lipped bowl -- cool down water.
  5. Take lid off teapot and place faced down on the small towel next to you.
  6. Put approximately one teaspoon or 2g to 3g of tea per person into teapot.
  7. Pour cooled water from lipped bowl into teapot and gently twirl the teapot three times and immediately discard initial tea water into second bowl.
  8. Refill lipped bowl with hot water and cool it down to proper temperature -- refer to table. Pour cooled water from lipped bowl into teapot with tea leaves and gently twirl about three times.
  9. Immediately discard water from each teacup. Pour tea from teapot into lipped bowl and begin serving tea from lipped bowl, not the teapot.
  10. Pour tea alternately between cups -- i.e., each cup should be filled within three pours. (This will ensure the same smooth taste.)
  11. Once the teacups are full, pick up coasters one at a time with your right hand and place it under each teacup by raising the cup with your left hand.
  12. Once the coasters are placed, the host should gently glide each cup to the respective guest and drink the cup that is closest to him/her on the right.
  13. Before drinking the tea, everyone, including the host should put their hands together in a prayer and bow simultaneously while facing the host.
  14. Bow of thanks before tea time has three meanings:
    1. Thankful for having some time for oneself.
    2. Thankful to the host for the tea time.
    3. Thankful to mother nature for providing the tea.
  15. Take in the fragrance of the tea and slowly drink in an upright position. (Should finish the tea within three to four swallows.)
  16. Repeat steps H through O four more times. However, steeping time will vary: steeping time for second cup should be 30 seconds, third cup should be one minute, fourth and fifth cups should be one and a half minutes each.